Eating Trends Change with Crappy Economy

The state of the US economy has been on my mind a lot lately – let’s face it, it has been on everyone’s mind lately – and this has led to scary conversations with just about everyone I know. It is incredible to step back and really get the full scope of how bad things have gotten (so bad that I can no longer blame George W. Bush for everything that is wrong with the world as has become customary). Everywhere we look, there are sacrifices people have to make from business to their personal lives. I was just reading this about the restaurant industry:

Menu prices in July were on average 4.2 percent higher than they were a year ago, according to Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of research and information services at the National Restaurant Association.

Raising menu prices can be an especially tricky move since the restaurant business relies largely on the amount of cash in consumers’ bank accounts.

If diners have less money to spend or they perceive that it could cost more than usual to eat out, they typically head to the grocery store instead…

Meanwhile, with gas staying near $4 a gallon, consumers are less likely to spend money on any discretionary item, whether it’s a meal out, a new outfit or a flat-screen TV. *

With the state of our economy people are being forced to/taking pleasure in eating at home. This made me start thinking even more about the role that can play in these hard times. I hope people take advantage of this tool that is out there so that we can share secrets/thoughts/hints/advice on the exploration of different cuisines. I’d like for it to be a useful tool in getting people to fully enjoy their time in the kitchen.

*The Clarion-Ledger


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Ann L Ramos. I live in a little town called San Diego, TX. I am sad to see that your last blog was posted so long ago. Well, just in case you get this, I want to thank you so much for all the help. My boyfriend lives in CT and is origionaly from Puerto Rico. You have been most helpfull with many of your recipies. I promised him that I would learn how too cook food from his isla bonita. Well, if you ever get a chance, I would love to chat with you about other puerto rican dishes. My messanger is Hope to hear from you one day.

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